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Agricultural Exemptions


2024 Agricultural Exemption Appeal Process

The Lee Co Property Appraiser issues 2024 AG denials on or before July 1, 2024. If you receive a denial letter you have just 30 days to petition that denial. Consult us to prepare. Respond immediately if you have not yet done so. An AG classification from the property appraiser means that the property is assessed based on AG use rather than fair market value. The AG Exemption is truly FLORIDA’S BEST PROPERTY TAX SAVINGS TOOL!

  • Property Tax Appeals: Mr. Hagen (the former Lee Co. Property Appraiser attorney) employs 30 years of experience to reduce assessed values and cut property tax bills via his wholly-owned affiliate & has litigated 100’s of these hearings & court cases, TaxCuts1, Inc. Hagen also represents owners in AG, homestead and other exemption matters, and has authored numerous property tax articles.
  • Other Matters: For legal matters outside of Hagen Law’s fields of practice, we ALWAYS endeavor to provide the names of qualified attorneys in that area of law. Please call Hagen Law Firm, today!


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The Hagen Law Firm has 38 years of agricultural exemption law experience, first as the in-house attorney for the Lee County Property Appraiser and, for the last 30 years, representing AG property owners. See also our “More Ag Exemptions Info” web-page for more details, or call or email us today for assistance.   We offer hourly consultations or complete representation on a flat fee basis. Call the Firm today at (239) 275-0808 for a confidential, in-person review of your AG case.  


Agricultural exemption consulting and appeals are an important part of our law practice. Our website includes additional important articles and information. 

The Lee County Property Appraiser has denied the agricultural exemptions on hundreds of parcels over the last 30 years. Most owners of denied parcels fail to contest their denial and thereby lose by default. The tax implications of doing nothing are enormous.
The Hagen Law Firm recommends that upon receipt of an AG denial notice, affected owners promptly: 1) Confirm that the property was actually being used for bona fide commercial purposes on the 2024 assessment date of 1/1/2024; 2) Calculate the additional taxes they will pay by virtue of losing their AG so as to make a cost/benefit decision as to whether they should appeal a wrongful denial; 3) Contact the Hagen Law Firm for a confidential consultation as to further steps to take in order to contest the denial;
This appeal process is highly time sensitive so DO NOT delay in taking action or you will waive your right to administratively contest your denial.
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Attorney Hagen is frequently quoted on property tax matters. Listen to an informative radio interview on Florida property tax appeals with Hagen & Lee Co. Property Appraiser Ken Wilkinson:               

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