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Estate Planning

Every adult should have an estate plan, yet 75% fail to do so. At a minimum, everyone needs a Will package consisting of (1) an attorney-drafted Will, (2) a durable power of attorney (financial) and (3) a health care power of attorney (with combined living will for end of life considerations and HIPAA release allowing access to medical records). People lacking these essential and affordable powers of attorney (“POAs”) risk incurring an expensive, time consuming, court-ordered guardianship action if they become incapacitated. In a POA, the principal appoints an agent to make decisions for them if they cannot make them for themself, thereby avoiding guardianship.


Hagen Law Firm provides proven real estate and estate planning / probate strategies and legal services to its Southwest Florida clients since 1985. 


Drawing upon Michael Hagen’s 37 years of practice and our dedicated staff’s expertise, the firm employs a team approach to every client’s case.


For quality legal services and solid, cost-conscious problem solving strategies, we maintain a reputation for excellence, honesty, integrity.
 If a person dies without a Will, FL law determines who gets their assets. The law (732.101-102, Fla. Statutes) prioritizes these heirs, starting with surviving spouse, then children, grandchildren, parents, siblings and on down the line. Note that this state law makes no provisions for boyfriends, significant others, friends, charities, or unequal shares being given. Unless one is satisfied with the state-ordered schedule of priority a Will is essential.
   While Wills are perfectly acceptable (and better than nothing), they must be probated (see probate explanation below) when one dies. Probate may often be avoided by forming a Trust and placing all of one’s assets in that Trust or employing other probate-avoiding techniques. More and more people are forming Trusts for these reasons. 
 Hagen Law makes formulating an estate plan simple, streamlined and affordable.

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Every adult should have one! If you do not have a Will then state law dictates who your estate goes to upon your death. If you do not have a valid power of attorney an expensive court guardianship will be required if you become incapacitated. DON’T DELAY AGAIN – call Hagen Law TODAY to arrange an informative consultation. We simplify this crucial process!