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Hagen Law Firm is a team of six legal professionals consisting of :

  • Michael S. Hagen, an experienced, AV-rated attorney practicing law in Florida since 1985;
  • Lisa George, our knowledgeable Associate Attorney, focusing on estate planning and probate and practicing law in GA/FL since 1987;
  • Judy Prowl, a skilled real estate Paralegal with 20+ years of high-level closings and title insurance experience;
  • Michelle Thalman, a capable Administrative Specialist;
  • Laurie Anderson, our accomplished bookkeeper; and
  • Janet Hagen, our personable receptionist/admin. assistant.

Many of our clients come to us for a specific matter; however, we offer a range of legal services to suit your needs. Our primary services include:

Real Estate Transactions: Hagen Law Firm is a full-service real estate firm working with sellers, buyers and realtors. We offer Attorneys’ Title Fund / Olde Republic title insurance and real estate and mortgage loan closings, seller or buyer representation, drafting of contracts, deeds, leases, and code enforcement assistance. We are highly versed in FSBO representation.

Real Estate Disputes & Litigation: We negotiate, mediate and litigate (on a selective basis, focusing on cases that should be informally resolvable) real estate disputes, such as foreclosures, evictions, co-ownership disputes, and contract & deposit disputes;

Estate Planning: Hagen Law assists in achieving estate planning objectives, including drafting trusts, wills, powers of attorney, updating existing documents, reviewing out-of-state estate plans for new residents, transferring assets, and conveying real estate. Most people have NO estate plan whatsoever. Attorneys Hagen and George create customized, affordable estate plans to meet clients’ needs.
Probate: When a family member dies owning assets in their sole name, those assets become part of their estate. A Florida probate case is required in order to release FL assets from the estate into the beneficiaries’ hands. In a probate case either a formal or summary (“simple”) administration is filed, and the court oversees paying creditors and distributing assets according to the Will or, if there is no Will (“intestate), then according to FL law. Attorneys Hagen and George work with the personal representative to expedite and streamline this important, often emotional, crucial process on a fair flat fee basis.

Business Law: Need to incorporate, require business law advice or buying or selling a business? Hagen Law Firm can form your new corporation or LLC or can transact that
business sale or purchase.

Property Tax Appeals: Mr. Hagen (the former Lee Co. Property Appraiser attorney) employs 30 years of experience to reduce assessed values and cut property tax bills via his wholly-owned affiliate & has litigated 100’s of these hearings & court cases, TaxCuts1, Inc. Hagen also represents owners in AG, homestead and other exemption matters, and has authored numerous property tax articles.

Other Matters: For legal matters outside of Hagen Law’s fields of practice, we ALWAYS endeavor to provide the names of qualified attorneys in that area of law.

Please call Hagen Law with questions, to discuss our services or arrange a consultation. Thank you.


Attorney Hagen provides a full range of real estate legal services to clients in Southwest Florida in the areas of buyer and seller representation, real estate closings and title insurance services, code enforcement, property tax consulting and appeals, agricultural exemptions, formation of LLCs and corporations and commercial leasing.

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Every adult should have an estate plan. At a minimum, everyone needs a Will package consisting of (1) an attorney-drafted Will, (2) a durable power of attorney (financial) and (3) a health care power of attorney (with combined living will for end of life considerations and HIPAA release allowing access to medical records). People lacking these essential and affordable powers of attorney (“POAs”) risk incurring an expensive, time consuming, court-ordered guardianship.
If a person dies owning assets in their sole name, then a court case entitled Probate must be opened whereby the Court oversees payment of creditors and distribution of assets according to the Will or state law. Probate requires the personal representative to have an attorney’s guidance.
Lee County, FL 2024 non-final “working” Property Tax Values are expected to be posted at in June 2024. Final values will be certified on 7-1-2024 & Proposed Tax Notices will be mailed in early August. Call Hagen Law Firm For Details.


The Lee County Property Appraiser will issue 2024 AG denials on or before July 1, 2024. If you receive a denial letter you have just 30 days to petition that denial. Respond immediately if you have not yet done so. An AG classification from the property appraiser means that the property is assessed based on AG use rather than fair market value.

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Hagen also provides full business law services, incorporation attorney support, along with mediation, code enforcement appeals, bankruptcy lawyer services and more. Schedule a consultation with Attorney Hagen, today.

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Every adult should have one! If you do not have a Will then state law dictates who your estate goes to upon your death. If you do not have a valid power of attorney an expensive court guardianship will be required if you become in any way incapacitated. DON’T DELAY AGAIN – call Hagen Law TODAY to arrange an informative consultation. We simplify this crucial process!